Find the Right Venture Capitalists for your Startup…

One of the key challenges faced by any startup is funding. At the initial phase of a business, startups often have to experience gestation period. The low liquidity often compels them to look for various funding sources like angel investors, venture capitalists, donations and loans. Finding an accredited investor is a strenuous task. Many Indian entrepreneurs get funding from investors all across the globe, yet funding is the most unorganized sector in India.

Under the Startup India flagship, a startup with min 20% funding from an angel investor, incubator fund, accelerator or a private equity fund registered with SEBI can gain a recommendation letter. With this recommendation letter startups can avail various environmental and labor incentives.


The Startup India Consultants understand the importance of funds in a business. We help you find potential investors. The government website of Startup India has disclosed the list of various potential investors but yet our lot of bumps in the funding process.

After doing a proper research on these investors, the experts of Startup India Consultants have explained that it is not easy to reach out them. Some of the contact numbers given on website are not valid and few investors have not yet started providing funding. None of the investors are ready to reveal various stages involved in the funding process. All they ask for is a business plan and a write-up.